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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Do you want to be a part of the Neigbourhood Watch (NHW) scheme?

In Southfield there are lots of Neighbourhood Watch schemes covering a lot of streets. However not every street is covered and it would be great to have more volunteers.

Neighbourhood Watch coordinators tend to inform neighbours of any recent crimes to residents in their street. Some hold meetings with the police and ward Councillors to pass on tips about reducing crimes such as theft from motor cars and burglary.

Smart Water!
Quite simply they are the eyes and ears of the street which can help the police gain information of when potential criminals might be planning a crime (such as viewing inside cars to see if they should break into a car). Or reporting broken glass - a sign that cars have been broken into (but are often not reported due to insurance excesses.

Some look after a number of streets, but most often a coordinator will look after a section of a road.

Many people become a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator when the have suffered a crime, want their local area to feel or actually be safer.

As part of the NHW scheme large numbers of smart water kits have been distributed. Smart Water allows you to uniquely mark your property so if it does get stolen it can be more easily brought back to you. It can also deter criminals as they know that if they enter a property marked with Smart Water they can be marked with the unique substance which would link them to entering a property illegally.

The Southfield Park Triangle Residents Association (SPTRA) have done a magnificent job in promoting Smart Water to residents in their area.

If you would like to hear more about becoming a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator in Southfield please let me know via

Gary Malcolm with the local police team in Southfield
Especially if you are new to the area, you might wish to contact the local police team? The local team (which has additional officers who also patrol the area) is made up of Inspector Graham Durn, Acting Sergeant Carl Massey, PC Simon Cole and PCSO Stuart Honey.

Their main phone number is 020 8721 2946.

If you see a crime happening please call 999. If you are not sure how important something is which you spotted, please either call 999 so they can prioritise, or 101 which will mean your observations will be passed to the local Southfield team. They may then contact you if they require more information.

Some top tips to reduce crime include:

  • Even in Summer try not to leave the windows open as burglars may use these (even small ones) to get access your home.
  • Do not leave loose change in your car as it will attract people who may think other items are stored.
  • Leave the glove department open and empty so they can see that nothing is in the glove department.

Haw you any crime tips...if you please tweet @cllrgarymalcolm

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