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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Ealing Council has no leadership on reducing waste

I attended Ealing Council's cabinet meeting tonight and two interesting things occured...

The first was that the Conservative party didn't attend. It wasn't obvious whether they forgot or went out to watch the football in the pub, but certainly the Labour party had a laugh at their expense.

The more inportant point was that when I asked a question about how Ealing Council was to reduce the amount of waste (household waste) that is created so less landfill is needed, the portfolio holder Bassam Mahfouz seemed to show little leadership or ideas.

It is good to recycle waste but better to stop waste being created in the first place. The Liberal Democrats believe more emphasis should occur in this area working with local businesses and other industry in the area to reduce waste like plastics and cardboard. They need to work on this area for sure.

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