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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

An emotional meeting about the Ealing Riots

Tonight was a meeting where a number of parties discussed the riots that occurred in Ealing last week.

Initially we had a number of faith groups speaking, a resident giving her experience where three masked attackers broke into her home. Then Ealing police's Borough Commander gave his account of the police's actions.

Many residents had the view that Ealing police had failed. However listening to the top Ealing police chief it was clear that he had orders to have half his police force leave to attend other areas of London that were under threat  or being attacked from riot. Part way through his statement he was emotional and came across as a human. Many of the remaining police force in Ealing fought for their lives against a group of yobs five times as many as there were police.

Later in the evening I made a speech shunning the excuses many have used for rioting - those who have rioted  have certainly been immoral and I have no respect for them. They have let us all down.

Earlier in the evening I asked a question to the Councillor responsible for Housing about whether those convicted of rioting or looting should have their housing rights removed. The answer given was that each person would be judged on a case by case situation. It would be a shame if someone had committed offences and had no dependants was allowed to take a housing space that someone else should get ahead of them.

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