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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hollow - a European debut film I went to today

Tonight I was invited to see a film called Hollow. The Producer and Writer, Matthew Holt, is a friend from my cricket club. A few of us from the club went to see this European debut in a cinema in Piccadilly tonight.

The film is part of the wider Raindance Festival. You might like to go to some of the other films?

The film is a sort of horror, drama set in a village and stars four good actors using the more modern use of being filmed using a camcorder (shaky scenes etc). Was a good film with a sudden ending. Worth watching if it comes out in the cinemas which would be good.

After the film there was a 15 minute Q and A session with the Writer and the Director.

Not been to the cinema for a long time so a good night out with friends.

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