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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Pics and Video Clips from the Olympic Basketball Men's Semi-final

Last night (Friday 11th August) I went to see the Olympics men's basketball semi-final. Spain and Russia are probably about equal in skill levels - perhaps Spain were the favourites. I therefore supported the Russians!

Both teams warming up

When the game started Russia appeared to want the win more. The first two quarters were won relatively easily by Russia 12 - 9 and 19 - 11 giving them an advantage of 11 points.

Russia now on the attack

As the third quarter began it looked as if the Spain coach had spotted that they needed to pass the ball around before shooting to tire the Russians out more and also unlock easier shots on the basket.

Russia score to stay ahead, but the margin is now decreasing...

And after the third quarter the scores are dead level 46 - 46. Looks like Spain had the momentum and were destined to win the crucial Olympic game.

With Spain now ahead, Russian are fading. The free shots continue for Spain who are pocketing about 80% of them. A clip of a Spain free throw...

After a frenetic fourth quarter and some Spanish tactical time-wasting they win 67 - 59. The Spanish started off slow but when they went into their fourth gear they really played a lot better than the Russians. Another factor that might have helped the Spanish at half time was their more vocal fan base. There were much more Spanish flags...

The Spanish fans were more visual and vocal!!!

But have a look at this one last moment of comedy during an interval event...

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