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Sunday, 2 September 2012

What's Boccia?

You may ask. The great thing about the Olympics and the Paralympics is the sports you have never seen before, or the games you last saw as a child. Boccia is one of those sports.

Check out this for more information but essentially it is boules but played by many profoundly physically disabled. The aim is with your team's 6 balls to get as many as close to the jack, the white ball, as possible.

I was lucky enough to see Great Britain beat rivals Argentina 8 to 4. The score flattered GBR who were level four all after the fifth end (there are six ends in total for this type of event).

What is amazing is like crown green bowling there is a lot of accuracy needed, a good tactical brain to know when to play a risky type of shot, and a dose of good luck!

Have a look at some of the pics and videos that I took. The game can be slow as each player concentrates on where to aim their ball. The umpires are always there to indicate to the players which team has their ball nearest the jack and often gets out their compasses to measure which team has won. Sometimes the winning margin is tenths of a mm!

GB pair Peter and Stephen McGuire won 11 nil

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