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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Open letter to the Leader of Ealing Council

Dear Leader of the Council,

At the Council meeting [16th October] I asked you a question relating to the fact that Southfield's share of grade A streets is ten percent below the average. It is not the only ward in Ealing where this is happening. Truly shocking.

I have given you and Ealing Council’s management staff over a week to come up with details of what they will do for Southfield - extra staff, forcing staff who are not up to scratch to be dismissed or re-trained, or something else. So far not a response from anyone. Head in the sand? You know the issues that continue in Southfield. Whether it was the non-collection of household waste or recyclables in April and May, things are the same now.

Being somewhat cynically I can only assume that there is a political bias as to some wards being treated worse than others. Southfield was the ward that suffered the most from April’s non collection problems and again the streets are the dirtiest of ALL twenty-tree wards in Ealing.

This leaves both Ealing Council and Enterprise with a less than poor reputation - which is getting worse. I expect residents to be treated fairly and correctly. The longer their [Enterprise’s] sad performance continues, the greater the chance there is of their organisation folding. Because Ealing is not paying out for their poor service is irrelevant.

I expect some clear action plan which is communicated to ward councillors and residents, as to how things can be improved in a number of wards like Southfield which are the most badly hit.

Councillor Gary Malcolm,
Leader of Ealing Liberal Democrat Group

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