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Thursday, 20 December 2012

How to reduce crime over the festive period

Speaking to the local Southfield police they have today given me the crime figures for November as well as some useful advice for reducing crime over Christmas. Please spread the advise to your neighbours.

Most of the crime figures are down from last month. There has been a slight spike in the theft from motor vehicle crimes but other than that the figures are slightly down from the previous times. There has been a spike in robberies and snatches - these have been of the high value items such as jewelry and iPhone 5s.

Local policing
A few crime prevention tips that will help ensure your safety over the festive period:

  • Leave a light on when out in the evening or use a light switch timer - try to have one that comes on downstairs as well as upstairs
  • Don't leave gifts under your tree overnight if it is in view of the road (gifts are for your loved ones and we don’t want to entice opportunist burglars)
  • If you do get any gifts from online remember to remove any address details or labels from the boxes before throwing them out (this can be an indicator to a burglar that you have a lovely new TV, Ipod or laptop)
  • Be vigilant when walking home, keep your phones and other gadgets in your pockets - don’t advertise yourself to thieves.

Let us know if you have any good crime reduction tips.

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  1. Albertina McNeill30 December 2012 at 17:59

    You can get very cheap timers to switch on the lights from supermarkets now. My mother in law used to drive us to distraction by displaying a mound of wrapped presents under her tree every year and deliberately leaving the curtains open.