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Friday, 8 February 2013

Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group proposes radical changes to Mayor’s budget

The Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group has presented a radical alternative to the Mayor’s draft budget, prioritising home building, creating new jobs and safeguarding London’s fire and police services.

The changes to the Mayor’s budget include plans to create a new £1.7 billion housing investment fund, to deliver a further 55,000 affordable homes and create 37,000 permanent jobs.  At the same time the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Members have shown how extra resources can be found to avoid the Mayor’s dangerous proposals to cut fire stations, police counters and the decimation of dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

Acton Fire Station
The Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group proposals are fully costed and will be delivered by reversing the Mayor’s 7 pence a week cut in the council tax precept, backed up by responsible prudential borrowing to fund the investment plans. The proposals also involve cutting out long standing waste and unnecessary expenditure, such as chauffeur driven cars for senior Met police officers.

These proposals are so necessary. The budget amendment addresses, head on, the current lack of investment in London’s economy and the chronic shortage of affordable homes. London needs more homes and more jobs and that is exactly what our proposals will deliver.

Liberal Democrats totally reject the Mayor’s proposals to make savage cuts to London’s fire and police service. The Mayor’s priority is to make a trivial cut in the council tax.  Our priority is the safety of Londoners.

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