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Monday, 29 April 2013

Saturday's Anti hospital downgrade rally on Ealing Common

Saturday's rally started off very lively at Acton Park where I marched with the many anti  hospital downgrade protesters (friendly ones that is). With me was a number of the Liberal Democrats from Southfield, Acton and the area including Councillors Andrew Steed and Jon Ball. It was noted by one person present that there were no Conservatives present at Acton. I guess people can make up their mind as to why that was.
Me at the front of the rally in Acton
We marched to Ealing Common where we met with the sister march that had come the longer distance from Southall. So many people, all wanting to protect our health services in Ealing.

At the rally meet up point, on Ealing Common, there was the lovely sound of Reggae music and the sight of many banners.

Myself and about ten other representatives were given the chance to make speeches about why they thought that our local hospitals should not be closed.

Before the rally speeches started Councillor Andrew Steed gave a Vox pop to YouTube.

I spoke about the fact the Liberal Democrats supported the tough actions that are needed, some of them via a Judicial Review, to get the Secretary of State to understand why with growing birth rates, to ensure that our hospitals are improved and not downgraded.

Liberal Democrats against hospital downgrades

Councillor Nigel Bakhai in Southall
In my speech I also thanked the many people who had traveled from different parts of London who also are possibly going to suffer their local hospitals being downgraded. I also thanked those nurses and doctors at Charing Cross hospital who helped me out when I attended the hospital a few months ago.

Lastly, I would say that those hospitals which are not be downgraded will have to take on a large number of extra patients and the plans do not show that this will work out. The Secretary of State should hold his hands up and drop these proposals.

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