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Monday, 31 March 2014

Liberal Democrats release Local Election Manifesto

The Ealing Liberal Democrats launched their local election manifesto today. They are the effective opposition in Ealing, given that they are the only party who has costed policies to deal with the key local issues that residents are concerned about.

In Ealing we have a growing membership
Ealing Council has been selling off our day centres, left our streets and parks dirty and charged for collecting our garden waste. The Liberal Democrats are the only party who have costed policies. We will be tough as nails with contractors who are providing a poor service and we will freeze Council Tax for the next four years to give some stability to residents' finances.

The ten key areas of the 2014 manifesto where we will take action on include:
Protect the vulnerable - save day centres like the Carlton Road day centre and local health services
Freeze Council Tax for the next four years – cut costs not services
Cleaner streets and fine contractors for poor performance
Safer Ealing – more Bobbies on the Beat in high crime areas
Restore free garden waste collection
Freeze parking permits and vouchers
More investment in roads and pavements
Increase social & affordable housing supply
Make the Council easier to contact
Protect green spaces & prevent “garden grabbing

The Liberal Democrats have produced an alternative budget every year during this 4-year electoral term, while the Conservatives have not done so. The Conservatives have not done so, preferring instead to make statements about what they would do without proving that they could afford to do it. This is further evidence of how seriously the Ealing Borough Liberal Democrats take their duty to the electorate.

The Labour party have left Ealing far worse than we were in 2010 and the Conservative party's financial plans do not add up. Only the Liberal Democrats can improve Ealing giving fairness to how our council money is spent. We are the only party who treat our vulnerable residents with a priority.

On May 22nd vote Liberal Democrat to get hard working Councillors and a party that will focus attention on avoiding problems for the vulnerable in society.

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