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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Lynne Featherstone: one of the most successsful ministers since 2010

We were lucky to have a special visitor at the Ealing Liberal Democrat AGM meeting this week. That of Lynne Featherstone who is now a minister at the Home Office.

She told us about the work she had done when first in the Home Office, back in 2010. All of us are so proud of the work that Lynne had done to bring in equal marriage.

Lynne Featherstone speaking
Lynne was also instrumental in ensuring that DNA is not indefinitely retained. This arrangement was brought in by the Labour party who encouraged the storage of bio data, despite the enhanced risks (can be used within the insurance sector inappropriately) that can occur if data was stolen or misused.

Lynne then spoke at length about the work in government, after a move to DFID (Department for International Development).

She talked about the kidnapping of many girls in Nigeria, problems in Mali and Democratic Republic of Congo.

One campaign which she set up and has gained much international credit was in relation to Female Genital Mutilation which occurs both abroad and in this country. Money has been set aside and actions are taking place so that this horrible crime can be stopped. Often victims are afraid to speak up about it and so people's pain can go unheard. Lynne certainly has given some hope in this area so that more people can be stopped from taking part in this cultural act of bodily mutilation.

Lynne finished with a Question and Answer session which was very lively. An upbeat meeting with a great update of the work that a Lib Dem minister gets up to.

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