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Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Christmas and New Year message

Christmas is a time where we all reflect about our lives; that of our family, our friends and others around the world.

At this time I think of those injured or have lost a family member in the sadly frequent terrorist events. One of my friends was shot in the Paris Bacalan music venue but left hospital recently. If you spot any of your friends who are not as happy as they usually are, please make sure you speak to them as this can be a time when people's mental health suffers to check they are okay.

Looking specifically to Ealing, next year will have seen Ealing Council close days centres and they still look to introduce policies which will cause problems to our most vulnerable residents.

Our biggest danger will be threat of expanding Heathrow, given the recent decision to pause for six months, so the government will make its decision in June. I hope you will join the Liberal Democrats in the campaign to improve the levels of air pollution across London.

I hope you all have a great vacation over this time.

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