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Monday, 29 August 2016

Ealing Council needs to listen to residents

In recent times Ealing Council has a reputation for closing vital services like day centres for the mentally ill, elderly residents and those who are severely disabled.

On top of this, Labour-run Ealing Council, has a record of allowing large developments to be built when the borough is left with not enough social or affordable housing to be built. Many have said that converting the Town Hall into a hotel is selling off the family silver like reducing the size of the main library in Ealing.

Liberal Democrats believe that to improve an area you need to consult, inform and listen to residents.

Ealing Council has a poor record of enabling residents to give their views and ensure that they actually can change a plan for the better. Liberal Democrats know that unless you actively involve residents the outcome will not be as good.

In a scheme in Acton and Chiswick listening to suggestion from residents meant that a large park is more accessible, safer and used by a greater range of residents to keep fit.

When Labour-run Ealing Council decided to force wheelie bins on us, the possibility of the dirtier streets became a reality.

Whilst on a Council committee that discussed planning matters we heard stories of where people’s views were not listened to, were ignored and information was not available when it should have been. The Council takes too long to answer the phones or emails and often people say that when issues are reported nothing happens. People are left with no faith in Ealing Council and so do not always report problems.

As vice chair of a committee on the Council’s digital approach and its website, I am looking to hear Ealing residents’ views on what they think of the Council’s website. What works and what does not? What services should the Council and its website offer? How should Ealing Council serve residents who are not experienced with using IT?

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