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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Good politicians empower residents and lead the way

It is common for politicians to think only they can fix problems.

It is my belief that good politicians both empower residents by both not just solving a residents' issue when the Council has let them down - but to show how the problem was fixed. The latter can be done by keeping the resident involved in the communication throughout the whole process so the residents knows you are working to both help them but not afraid to give the details of the person who will actually solve the problem.

Also it is important to lead and show the way. This might be when a difficult matter takes place such as the riots in Ealing. Leaders will get out there to say what was done was wrong and helped as part of the clean up.

As the Liberal Democrat leader in Ealing I think it is important to show that despite not all of us being either in work or paid much, there are people elsewhere in the world who are in great need. This could be Syria or countries where earthquakes or famines have taken place.

I love trekking and have set upon a sixteen day trek to the Mount Everest Base camp in Nepal to raise money for DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee) who help around the world when earthquakes, famines and tsunamis arrive.

Many parts of Nepal are still suffering after the earthquakes hit in 2015 and I knew one of the mountaineers who was on Mount Everest when the earthquakes struck. He survived but many villages and thousands of people lost their lives. Even more people lost their homes and shelter.

If you are able to contribute that would be wonderful and the link to use is:

When I come back from Nepal I hope that I will be able to share stories of how charitable monies have helped the people of Nepal.

I finish by saying we all should look to help others. This could be a neighbour who is vulnerable or a friend who has been burgled. Both may need your help. Any one day you may need their help.

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