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Sunday, 10 October 2010

What's the big's the Big Issue of course!

I was reading a copy of the Big Issue that I bought a few days earlier and as always it was a good read. A pinch of political cynicism with a lot of interesting articles.

The article that took my eye was one about how students could save money by doing a lot of simple things (that we should all be doing - not just students) such as turning off electrical items when they are not being used; using more energy efficient light bulbs; sewing holes in your clothes instead of throwing them away and buying a replacement etc etc. All simple idea we should be doing.

The more interesting however was something called a "swishing" party. Sounds mysterious but it is where you bring an item of clothing you no longer wear with the other 5-15 people. Then you have 30 minutes to try them on and when the host says so, you can take one item for free and hopefully you each get a free item that normally would have gone to landfill.

So when you see a Big Issue vendor on a street corner, pay them the £1.70 and have a good read on the bus or the tube home.

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