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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Good to get a break

I have just come back from a (short) break in Malta. I have not had a holiday for two years now. The last time I went to Malta was about 7 years ago and the place still looks like the buildings are half finished. The island is a real mix of cultural buildings and more modern (less nice) homes.

The holiday was for fun and to play cricket. I like playing cricket in different european countries with the London-based team I play for. We played three matches - two 20-20 matches and one 40 overs-a-side match.

Sadly we only drew one and lost the other two (against a Malta IX side who are always tough to beat). The hot sun beating down made playing cricket even more tiring but I did get a wicket with my first ball! And also finished on a high being unbeaten with the bat (I am a bowler) and walking off with the club captain we were clapped, as we came close (ish) to a victory. But the Malta IX deserved to win.

The high point was when one team mate stated boldly that he has never in 20 years playing cricket been 'out' to a women bowler. But ten minutes later a women called Lucy got him and another team mate out! It made us all very happy as the three women in that team were playing for another UK team travelling to Malta at the same time. We will remind the two team mates to keep their mouths buttoned to avoid embarassing themselves.

And now I am back home, it is time to get back to trawling through the endless spam emails!

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