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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mike Tuffrey exposes Mayor's poor record on building homes on publicly owned land‏

The Mayor’s record of building homes on London Development Agency (LDA) land has been exposed as a total sham by Mike Tuffrey, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly housing spokesman.
Following questioning of the Mayor by Mike it was admitted yesterday (Wednesday 18 May) by Boris Johnson that huge amounts of publicly owned land in London have not seen any new affordable homes built over the last three years, despite bold claims made in the Mayor’s housing manifesto in 2008(1).  The Mayor’s concession confirms his earlier reply (2) that a mere 1431 affordable homes had been built on LDA land which his own election manifesto said could contain 32,000.  The Mayor has also admitted that his separate pledge to ensure that the London Housing Company would be up and running and making good use of public land by April 2011(3) has not even been met. 
Commenting on the Mayor’s reply Mike Tuffrey said:
“The Mayor has completely failed Londoners by not delivering the promised mechanism to unlock these sites, and is now saying it may not even go ahead at all.   There is a huge chasm between what the Mayor said was possible and what actually has been achieved.
“The Mayor has had three years to come up with a mechanism to ensure affordable homes are delivered on land that is publicly owned.  Sadly his record so far has been a complete failure to unlock the immense potential of so much publicly owned land in London.”

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