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Friday, 20 May 2011

Take Action Boris and Get Londoners Our Money Back

You might have heard that early today, while being interviewed by BBC London Radio, that Boris Johnson claimed that he might challenge Obama next week over the US continuing to refuse to pay the Congestion Charge.

While such action might be welcome, it really is a bit rich for Boris Johnson to suddenly make such claims.

In the past he has publicly called the Congestion Charge a tax - which has provided wonderful ammunition for the US and other embassies that believe they can evade paying the Congestion Charge because they consider it a tax.

The London Assembly have also passed a motion calling for the Mayor to write to each country that refuses to pay the Congestion Charge and publish on the web the replies that he receives.   

The Mayor has refused to take this action.
Conservative London Assembly Members have also spoken in support of the US embassy not paying the Congestion Charge.

This is our money - if you don’t stand up for us then you should resign.

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