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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Art on the Underground - how about some trains?

I am reliably informed that man doth not live by bread alone and I'm all for some public subsidy of the arts, but...if Transport for London is cash-strapped, does it really now have several thousand pounds to spend on art on the Central Line? I'm sure it's all marvellous, but what budget is this coming from?

At a time when London Underground can't say where it will find the money to fund the Piccadilly Line upgrade, how come they can say where they will find the money for this new art project? We do have to make hard choices when it comes to what we spend public money on, and I question whether this should be the top priority for London Underground at present.

We've previously had Philosophy on the Underground, which I am not making up and which was surely nothing more than noise pollution, and now this latest Art on the Underground - could I propose that such things might now "be subject to a short delay to even out gaps in the service"?

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