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Saturday, 25 June 2011

BBQ by the Southfield Park Triangle Residents' Association

This afternoon was a great day. Good weather and a local residents' association held a great BBQ with a raffle at the end.

There was a face-painting event but I refused to have mine done - perhaps I should have done so. Maybe next time!

At the event was the local police seargent and a PCSO as well as fellow ward Councillor Andrew Steed. We chatted about a local ward meeting we have this coming Wednesday.

The food was great. The combination of hotdogs / beef-burgers and a choice of cakes was very nice. Washed down with wine or beer. The table of cakes was amazing. So many residents donated cakes to the stall and there was about twenty different types of cakes. Being diabetic I only had one slice of one cake, but my eyes wanted some of each cake.

Then at the end there was a raffle. I missed out on the top 3 prizes but did win a bottle of vodka. So can't complain.

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