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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Ealing Council's Cabinet Meeting - Tonight (20th December)

When I attended tonight's last cabinet meeting of the year I was hoping when it was finished to have the chance to listen to the end of a meeting, also in Ealing Town Hall, relating to the Ealing riots. Sadly they both finished at the same time.

I have noted some of the items from the Cabinet:
  • 2011 OFSTED reports - these showed in most areas Ealing Council and the schools have done okay in the last year. There are some areas where action is needed but far more good points than bad. Well done to staff and teachers.
  • Primary School places in Acton - with a growing population school places are needed. It was decided by the cabinet to expand  West Acton school, Noel Road, but there will be a final decision to be made in February concerning what happens to the users of the related Community Centre. Expanding Derwentwater school was not seen as needed at this time - but the Cabinet wanted to keep this option open for later if that is needed (more people having children).
  • Anti-bribery and corruption policy - the Government introduced this legislation which means companies  and Council need to be more organised about preventing fraud and bribery by a range of actions such as ensuring staff know what they need to do in different situations. When Councils across the country award multi-million pound contracts to firms there is sometimes publicity as to whether the company who won the contract, was the best choice or had called in favours with Council staff.
  • Quarterly Performance Figures - Ealing Council is failing in a number of areas especially when dealing with residents who telephone the Council with issues. Some of the figures showed that the time waiting for their calls to be answered had risen by 50%
That's all Ed!

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