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Friday, 2 December 2011

Mayor has been saved from himself over fare rises

Transport for London this week confirmed that fare rises in 2012 will now be lower than the fare rise package first proposed by Boris Johnson a few weeks ago.

Liberal Democrat Caroline Pidgeon has been very active on this issues making a lot of great points about why our fares are too high. If we want more people to use public transport and not use their cars as often we need lower and fairer fares.

Caroline Pidgeon said: “It is the Coalition Government, not the Mayor who has ensured that fare rises have been reduced. Left to his own devices Londoners would have faced far higher fare rises under Boris Johnson.   The Mayor has been saved from himself."

Caroline added: “What is now necessary are further measures to help low income Londoners. A one hour bus ticket and real action in tackling Oyster overcharging are desperately needed.”

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