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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ealing Council Finds Councillor Dennehy Guilty as Charged For Offensive Blog

Ealing Council’s Standards Committee has upheld the complaint by myself about the offensive nature of Councillor Dennehy’s blog which made a number of unfounded assertions relating to both Indians and residents of Southall. So, Benjamin Dennehy is guilty as charged.

In the meeting Councillor Gary Malcolm spoke about why he made the complaint and read out comments made by residents who stated that his blog was racist, emotive and not based on facts. It was noted that Councillor Dennehy did not attend the meeting, and also ensured a previous meeting to decide this matter was postponed.

I am glad that the Standards Committee came to the viewpoint that Councillor Dennehy was guilty. In my view he should resign his post as Councillor and apologise publically for his offensive actions. To smear Indians and residents of Southall with such accusations is totally wrong. He has embarrassed himself and Ealing.

During the process which has lasted for more than a year Councillor Dennehy’s delaying actions have meant that Ealing Council has spent approximately £5000 in terms of external legal advice and officer time. Perhaps he should pay this back to Ealing Council or make a donation to a local Ealing based charity?

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