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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My New Years Message: thanking volunteers and wanting a better-run Ealing Council

As we end the year I am reminded of the excellent work that the many nurses, doctors and staff at our hospitals undertake. They have provided a great service to Ealing and our local hospitals need to be retained, not downgraded.

Very recently, Nelson Mandela’s death has reminded us that problems can be best sorted out by discussion and engaging with those who have different viewpoints.

In my local area there has been a great uptake in community and sporting activities such as street parties and residents associations being active in suggesting how our areas can be improved. So many wonderful people improve the lives of others through their community work. Thank you.

In May this year residents of Ealing will have a chance to state in the local elections who they want to run Ealing Council and what values Ealing Council should have. Liberal Democrats have over the past four years challenged the Labour-run administration in their decisions to cut vital services affecting the disabled and other vulnerable groups. We would protect these groups first. Given the extremely poor level of service residents are getting from the waste & recycling contractors we would either ditch them or ensure they perform to a high standard.

Another area where Ealing Council needs to improve is in its communication with residents. So often residents tell me that they are treated as an inconvenience. Liberal Democrats want to see more focus on ensuring that the Council serves residents properly.

As I wish you a great new year, why not take up a new sport? There are lots of great FREE facilities around the borough.

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