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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Southfield Lib Dems approve 20 mph zone

Southfield ward Councillors met with Council Transport officers and have agreed a 20 mph zone for Southfield.

From the consultation that took place in autumn, 69% of respondents wanted to see a 20 mph zone. Some of the key points are:
Southfield Councillor Andrew Steed

  • We do not think having two roundabouts is feasible or needed at the Southfield Road / Fletcher Road / Acton Lane junction. Officers have agreed to redesign and come up with a single roundabout option.
  • Two sets of improvements are to happen this month due to the high support from residents – including a new raised table / zebra crossing near the Murco garage across the Beaconsfield Road and a crossing across South Parade to Acton Green Common.
  • There were concerns that a number of mature trees were to be cut down. Local Councillors with officers have found ways for this to be avoided.
  • A number of the streets will have their centre lines moved which will help reduce accidents.
  • In some areas parking spaces will be increased by reducing the length of some double yellow lines.
  • Based upon which safety works were preferred most by residents and those which will give more road safety benefits, it was confirmed that each set of works will be done separately so to reduce congestion.

The Liberal Democrats Councillors want to see both our roads safer and for congestion to be reduced. We have agreed to items of work that will give benefit to the area and suggested methods which would not require cutting down trees.

Below we list some of the changes with more geographic detail so that Southfield residents can see what changes might be happening near to where they live.

Councillor Gary Malcolm

  • Relocating two car club bays near to the bend of Cunnington Street. No parking loss and it should give better visibility at the blind corner.
  • Proposal to reduce the Cunnington Street “stop & shop” parking bays from 30 mins to 15 mins was wanted by Acton Green Residents Association (AGRA) and local councillors but given some negativity from residents the officers are to look at whether residents local to Marie’s Store are in favour or not.
  • Speed humps at Acton Lane, Beaconsfield Road, Kingswood Road, Cunnington Street – we generally agreed with these suggestions but officers agreed to our request to look again at the Antrobus Road / Cunnington Street junction, due to the recent accidents. AGRA were strongly in favour of these proposals.
  • Mini roundabout at Rothschild Road / Cunnington Street junction – same comment as item one in relation to recent accidents.
  • Relocation of the signal crossing to a raised zebra crossing on Acton Lane (nearer to Cunnington Street) should reduce the number of pedestrians running across the road instead of using the safer crossing. There have been quite a few minor accidents near this location.
  • Raised table at Southfield Road / Carlton Road junction – 60% of people were in favour and this should stop some of the speeding.
  • Raising the existing crossing at Steele Road / Acton Lane junction – this was agreed by 64% of residents.
  • Rejected the idea of moving a bus stop on The Avenue (near to No. 38) as it would give little benefit and cost a lot of money.
  • Raising the existing crossing on The Avenue / Bedford Road junction. This was supported by 62% of residents.
  • Realigning the kerb layout and a proposed raised table on The Avenue / Marlborough Crescent junction intersection.
If you have any questions please let me know.

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