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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ealing Council hikes up parking charges

Many residents have seen that Ealing Council wants to put up parking fees. Labour-run Ealing Council have not been quite as upfront as they could have been; it appears they mainly wish to change of parking policy to bring in more revenue than in previous years.

It is true that Ealing's CPZ permit fees are currently cheaper than Brent, Hounslow and Hammersmith. If the proposals come into affect then we will be on par with them but the Council is using this as a smoke-screen to hide other parking changes that will badly affect some residents such as visitors.

Liberal Democrats believe that any future increases are capped by inflation to show residents we are not using parking as a revenue goldmine. If they then claim at there will be no 'profit' from these price changes then we demand that any surplus from the changes must be ploughed into sustainable transport methods like cycling.

I think the issue of visitor permits is a very important part of this because the price increase will cause a lot more grief as many visitors are not used to a local area where they often do not live. Not just the increase but that carers will find it more difficult as some are family (non-paid) carers. The Council should either: a) avoid an increase of this amount; or b) delay an increase over a number of years so residents can better prepare. Liberal Democrats also believe we need to have a scheme for carers or medical staff permits like Hammersmith or Hounslow do.

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