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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Acton Green Residents Association AGM

I have just come back from an AGRA AGM.

Good to hear and summarise some of the years' local events. Many issues were raised:

  • The local 94 bus service which had a lot of new and quieter buses introduced seem to be working. This showed that listening to the consultation viewpoints was the right choice. People seem to be happy about this issue.
  • People happy no Heathrow expansion (a good coalition policy)
  • There appeared to be a shocked silence when I mentioned that about 80% of the Council budget reductions were efficiency savings. So only 20% were actual cuts. I mentioned that the Lib Dems fought with some success to reduce the full cuts to the Park Ranger services.
  • Trees - money spent by the local ward committee I chair yeilded about 50 new trees. Most people wanted them and are happy. Not everyone though. Basically the new trees are smaller and do not tend to cause any issues. The older trees are the ones which cause structural problems with walls and buildings.
  • A Council Tax freeze.
  • I mentioned a review which will take place in the next 12 months concerning Controlled Parking Zones. My party were against the huge increase in parking permit and visitors voucher permits. We wanted a system where any increase would be inflationary.
That's enough ed. Time to watch some World Cup cricket.

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