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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

LibDems Put Front-line Council Jobs & Libraries Ahead of a Car Park

The Ealing Liberal Democrats at tonight’s Council Tax meeting put forward proposals to save 6 Park Rangers, 4 Enviro-crime officers, Libraries in Hanwell and Perivale as well as spend money on improving our pavements and roads, instead of spending £5.5 million on a car park in Southall that seems unlikely to be used frequently.

The Labour-run Council turned down the proposal and so we will now see library closures, Park Ranger cuts and Enviro-crime officer cuts.

We put forward an amendment to protect front-line jobs that the Labour party decided to cut. The Park Rangers and Enviro-crime Officers will help ensure that our parks and streets are cleaner and safer. The Liberal Democrat amendment would also mean that we would reduce our long-term debt. Quite simply it is a question of whether you want a car park that no-one seems to want to use, or Park Rangers that really look after our parks.

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