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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Regeneration Projects in Ealing Borough

Myself and other Liberal Democrat councillors met the manager at Ealing Council who is responsible for the developments in Ealing. The items discussed were:

  • The need to ensure that when the Acton Town Hall redevelopment occurs that current users of the Priory Community Centre are not forced to move out with no guarantee of future secure bookings as well as not being charged a fortune for hiring community space. Also the heritage of the buildings need to be maintained or else Acton's culture will be destroyed.
  • Crossrail and an Ealing Broadway Transport Interchange - I maintained that the Council need to "aim high" so that we can work to ensure we get a proper interchange given the huge number of residents and commuters who use the station. The council appear to be happy to accept a second best approach. Let's hope and fight for something more than just rearranging the bus stops around Haven Green
  • It appears that the court case to decide the lease of Hanwell Community Centre will take place in September. Usually an agreement occurs in the coridoors of the courts between the lawyers but this time it appears that both sides cannot find a suitable middle ground. Sad that lawyers are making all this money when perhaps some of it is ultimately diverted from community projects.

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