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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Acton Green Residents Association AGM news

Tonight I attended, with fellow Liberal Democrat Councillor Andrew Steed, the AGM of the AGRA - known locally as the Acton Green Residents Association.

It was a quicker than average meeting but was still very interesting and had a lot of items relating to the police and crime matters generally.

Southfield's new police Sergeant, Darren Grey, was able to attend. He is a real hand on sort of guy. He would rather be on the beat than sitting in an office creating a strategy document. He said he is someone who likes to bash heads together to get things done.

I know personally from one crime case he was working on he was willing (and thick-skinned) enough to be present at an address in Southfield taking verbal abuse from individuals who are knowledgeable of, or part of, some criminal activity. He was reminding certain individuals that the police were watching them! That is police presence.

Other advice given at the meeting was to trim your hedges for no higher than 1.5 metres. High hedges are known to allow criminals to break into homes without being easily seen by passer-bys.

Also the sergeant reminded local residents not to leave anything in your cars as criminals will often break into cars hoping that there is something in a pocket of a coat or jacket.

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