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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Positive news about Ealing Cinema

Many people in Ealing are sad when they see the old Cinema in Ealing just as an eyesore with the Council fighting with the owner of the land who had planning permission to build a new cinema.

Very recently there was some good news. CEO Justin Ribbons of, Empire, in August, has had meetings with local activists to press home and discuss the need for action on this issue to get Empire to build the cinema they promised.

It seems now that Justin Ribbons "remains cautiously positive", given the progress made resolving the outstanding planning amendments. There are apparently no major amendments that will cause any further delay.

So let us see the revised planning application from Empire so the Council can discuss the matter and then if they agree to the plan, then we might have a cinema within 60 weeks.

Fingers crossed.

Sign the petition to continue to the pressure:

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