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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The local Safer Neighbourhood Ward AGM meeting

Tonight was a short meeting and it took place in the same location as the meeting last night. Some of the same people even attended!

Some advice was given to reduce the height of peoples' garden hedges. This would lessen the chance that any potential criminal can hide behind the hedges as well as use the high hedges as cover when breaking into people's homes.

We heard from Southfield's new police sergeant who mentioned that Southfield ward, which covers some of Acton and the section of Chiswick in Ealing, has has a pretty low crime rate compared to the surrounding areas.

Those in attendance including fellow Liberal Democrat councillor Andrew Steed heard about people having their phones and iPads stolen when they leave tube stations. You have been warned. Always check who might grab your belongings.

One of the Southfield police team also goes on patrols with officers who deal with street drinkers. The aim is to try to get drinkers off drink and if they have drug problems then they are helped to seek assistance for that addiction. So much crime is produced from those with drug or alcohol problems.

One resident who attended asked the question: "When should I call 999?" The answer given was that if you are watching the crime then call 999. They will assess the priority of the call based upon other issues at the time. If a 999 is not used then do call 101 and give all the information about the crime and importantly a description of the criminals or those you think were about to commit a crime. Try to give the person's height, build, skin colour, clothing, age.

And always report a crime if you see something. If you don't then the police will say they have no reports of any crime. You can do some crime reporting (of non emergency items) on line.

Remember that at the moment a lot of people (esp women) are having their gold necklaces stolen as they can be melted down and sent off for cash. Also if you have a Sat Nav remember to wipe away the sucker mark or else a villain will see this and break in to see what you have in the glove-box.

At the end of the meeting there was a number of residents who stood down from the committee (after having served for three years) and they were replaced by some residents new to crime reduction. They will attend only four meetings a year, with the police, council officers and three local councillors incl. myself to reduce crime in Southfield.

I wish them a fruitful year.

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