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Sunday, 13 November 2011

A conversation with Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate Brian Paddick yesterday

I was lucky enough to see Brian Paddick yesterday afternoon in central London.

He is a busy man. He fitted in a meeting early in the afternoon and had three others that day! As the Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate he is showing that the role of Mayor is one you need to work at. He has been around to so many places already to ask Londoners what they want from a Mayor.

On Thursday Brian Paddick visited the threatened Earl's Court Exhibition Centre with Councillor Linda Wade and other campaigners, followed by the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates, the Irish Cultural Centre and the POSK Polish Centre in Hammersmith.

He spoke to us about Councils and the Mayor who are not helping local businesses. One example is where in some red route areas there is space for stop and shop parking bays but they have not been installed - this means local shops are suffering needlessly. Also there is too much empty council housing and so he would take a tough line against errant Councils who do not bring more into use.

He then went on to show that tHe Liberal Democrats nationally had "put the brakes on many Tory excesses". Too right.

Check out his website:

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