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Friday, 24 September 2010

Cricket anyone?

I just heard the last cricket match of the season for the team I play for was cancelled today due to lack of numbers. Sad news.

I was looking forward to playing another game before the end of season break. In the game last weekend I played quite well (I am never the best cricketer in the team) and got a wicket as well as hitting my first 6 for the team. It made a quick 12 before being clean bowled. I did at least raise the run rate and it allowed the next batsman to play in a less risky fashion before we won the close game.

Even the fast bowler shook my hand when I had hit the ball over the rope. I amazed myself - and my team mates. I get quite a few fours but have never got a six for my team. I smiled before I soon lost my wicket.

I shall look forward to the pre-season training in 6 months' time.

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