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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Did Labour make the right choice today?

Some may have seen on TV that the Labour party selected a new Leader in Ed Miliband. From my perhaps biased point of view the whole three or four month campaign seemed rather boring with no exciting comments from the candidates, bar a few moments from Diane Abbott.

New leaders tend to get an easy first few months while people work out what policies they might wish to change. But one thing is clear that whoever was to become the new leader of the Labour party seemed to have no appologies for the financial mess they left our country in.

And since the new coalition government took charge the Labour party in opposition have blamed everything on everyone else without wanting to accept any responsibility.

A leader in opposition needs not to against everything but should be proactive and create positive policy, offering new possibilities on how an administration should run its affairs. The Liberal Democrats in Ealing do that and since the local elections this May we have put forward many positive ideas - two of which have been accepted and so we look to see how they introduce these ideas (treating residents like customers via a Council Customer Charter and to invest in better IT so that the council can both save money and run many services more reliably).

We wait to see whether Labour nationally take their heads out of the sand like the proverbial ostrich.

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