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Monday, 27 September 2010

Southfield police AGM meeting update

This evening I attended the annual general meeting of the local Southfield Ward police Panel. This is the body made up of up to 15 elected residents, the local police team, local councillors plus the local park ranger and other Council staff.

The meeting gave a chance for residents to ask questions of the police about what they have been doing in the past year and what their priorities might be for the coming year (currently they focus on burglary, anti-social behaviour and car crime).

The police informed residents that burglary rates were down in the area compared to neighbouring areas and last years figures. However they said many crimes such as burglary and stolen items from vehicles can be reduced by being more careful. This could be removing items from cars or not leaving car keys within reach of the letter box (where some criminals use a magnet on a stick!). To reduce burglary it is always sensible to check you haven’t left a door ajar. Sounds obvious but don't give the criminals an easy ride.

The group has set up a website where you can find information about the Southfield Neighbourhood Watch activities:

The funding for this came from a local Council committee where myself, Councillors Harvey Rose and Andrew Steed decide on the fund of local projects. This Wednesday (29th) the meeting will be held to discuss the funding of other local projects. It takes place from 7.30pm at Acton Green Church Hall, Cunnington Street, W4. All welcome.

At the end of the evening about 12 residents were elected on to the panel so there will be space for another three residents who want to get involved in reducing crime in the area. If you want to hear more about how you can get involved do contact me using

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