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Monday, 25 July 2011

Actions Not Words - Ealing's Cinema

I am not talking about the cinema in Park Royal but the one opposite Ealing Town Hall. What a shame so much time has elapsed since the we thought we would have a new improved cinema.

The Ealing Liberal Democrats believe that a new cinema could help to bring trade into the area especially if the land the Council bought a few months ago can be incorporated into the design.

Empire have treated the project with so much disrespect. They have essentially stuck up their finger to the residents of Ealing who quite simply want a cinema that was promised to them.

At last the Council is to take serious action (via a compulsory purchase order) to get Empire to deliver a new cinema. We support the Council in their recently announced action to get Empire to do what is needed. But like everything on this matter we can only wait (and hope).

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