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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bus Countdown news!

Many of you will know that “Countdown” is to deliver real time bus information (RTI) for every 19,000 bus stops and 700 routes in London via the internet and text messaging on mobile phones. This will be complemented by 2,500 new on-street Countdown signs.
Caroline Pidgeon and the London Liberal Democrats have pressed Transport for London on this and related transport matters. Following a review by the Mayor, the bus stops planned to receive new on-street Countdown signs have been revised to ensure that no stop that currently has a Countdown sign will lose the facility.
All boroughs will continue to receive the same overall number of on-street signs that has previously been agreed with TfL, but the location of these signs will now change in line with the change of Mayoral policy.
Boroughs receiving additional signs will continue to have these placed in the previously agreed locations that provide the most benefit to the greatest number of passengers.
For boroughs with no increase in signs above their current allocation the list shows the new signs replacing existing ones in their current locations.
As a result of these changes, Transport for London expect to be able to provide bus RTI via mobile phone text message and the internet by October this year. The rollout of the new generation on-street Countdown signs is now expected to commence towards the end of 2011.
There are two installation teams that will install signs working across London in postcode order. Looking at the list I can see that the W postcodes will be done third out of nine areas. The UB postcodes will be done sixth and NW postcodes will be done fourth.
For so long Countdown has been a bain for us all. I do hope this will improve things.

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