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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Many residents have approached myself and fellow Southfield ward councillors Andrew Steed and Harvey Rose about a proposal to redevelop St. Albans church on St Albans Avenue.
The plans show the proposals involve converting building / site into ten flats, a detached house and a two-storey children’s nursery.

A number of residents have stated the following reasons as to why they dont like the decision:

1.       Overdevelopment of a small site
2.       Parking – they say their isn’t enough parking which would affect existing permit holders
3.       Traffic access – located on a dangerous corner
4.       Community/Social use – a reduced community use post introduction

The plan [Labour-run Ealing Council] was to have it dealt with under so called "delegated powers" and not as an open planning committee. But after a number of complaints and action from Liberal Democrat Councillors Anddrew Steed it appears the Council has said it will be discussed at an open planning committee. We do not know for sure but that is what we have privately been informed.

To ensure this is the case more comments to the Council's planners would be useful.

Their email address is:

And the planning address and reference to quote is: Ref: P/2010/5108 St Albans Church, South Parade, Chiswick W4 5LG

Do tell the Council your views. And also email your views to your three Southfield ward Councillors to:

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