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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mike Tuffrey launches campaign for London Mayor, with an ambitious housing plan

London Assembly member Mike Tuffrey launched his campaign to win the 2012 Liberal Democrat nomination for Mayor of London, with an ambitious plan to build enough new homes to house a quarter of a million Londoners.

Mike said: “It’s time for serious solutions to the big challenges we face if London is to remain a great city to live, work and raise a family in over the next decade” said Mike Tuffrey, who has served as an Assembly member since 2002. “With new powers coming from central government, we need a GLA – mayor and assembly – that is ambitious for London, like the GLC of old.”

Mike issued a personal five point action plan, pledging to consult Londoners on their priorities:
  • more, better and cheaper housing
  • investment in transport to keep London moving
  • action for jobs and a challenge to big business to pay fair wages
  • protect neighbourhood policing and promote youth opportunities
  • clean air and healthy London
Mike Tuffrey was first elected to London government in 1985, just before the GLC was abolished, and during the 1990s he took the Liberal Democrats on Lambeth from just four councillors to run the Council. At City Hall, he’s led the Liberal Democrat group during the mayoralties of both Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson.

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