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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Conservative councillor wants unhealthy people removed - so his house rises in value!

Many people get annoyed at NHS postcode lotteries, but a Conservative councillor has come up with a proposal which would essentially mean that if you drink, smoke or are obese should be told to shape up or leave the borough.

See the website describing the draconian proposals.

Conservative Councillor John Butcher (from Surrey) has stuck the knife into the back of the NHS in an email to Council officers, describing our health service as both “a Marxist organisation” and states that it [the NHS] is “bound to fail”.

He went on to call for health policies to be altered so to bring about polarisation between those who live healthier and less healthy lifestyles, hoping that those who live healthier lifestyles will be increasingly attracted to areas such as Surrey and those who live less healthy lives will be driven to live in other parts of the country.

Perhaps we should publicise his home address so they can live in his nice, healthy garden!

We then got to the meat of why he thinks what he does. He went on to talk about more healthy people moving into Surrey and "that would push up house prices”. I see this Councillor wishes to destroy the NHS so we can ensure he can sell his home for a bigger profit.

He is clearly not deserving to be a Councillor. I hope he is due to stand for election shortly so those who he labels as being "unhealthy" can vote him out!

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