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Friday, 15 June 2012

Still no official apology from Ealing Council

If you saw my blog post on how Ealing Council provided me with my Freedom of Information request not just late, but apparently with the wrong figures, you will wonder why, after another three days, Ealing Council still has not written to me to apologise for what looks like a mistake.

See my initial blogpost on this subject.

The more time that passes by without a proper response the more it appears that Ealing Council is hiding away from the truth of what happened.

I wrote to Ealing's Chief Executive and said the following: "I now have to wonder whether any of the data produced [by Ealing Council] is correct. I am sure that  Ealing Council is not withholding information inappropriately or producing mis-information, but I at the moment am less than reassured."

All I can do it wait...

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