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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Success for the Local Southfield Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

We all want the police to be more proactive instead of just waiting for the crimes to occur.

I am a member of the Southfield ward police forum which is made up of the local police team, residents and the three Liberal Democrat councillors for the area.

We heard some good news from the police sergeant recently. After a recent spike in all crimes everything is reducing again.

Good News Story 1: 
Firstly a large scale High Visibility Operation was conducted recently encompassing Acton High Street. PC Harrison arrested four subjects and recovered a large amount of Cocaine, Cannabis, Cash and also arrested them for possession of an Offensive Weapon and Going Equipped to steal. All of these subjects have previously been of limited interest but have stepped up, they also show themselves to be dealing within the ward catchment area. Well done (part one)!

Good News Story 2: 
Secondly, the local police team have been trying to arrest a person for a recent spate of Robberies within the Vale area of Southfield. This was a lone male targeting vulnerable lone females during the commuting periods.

The police team joined with the East Acton Ward officers to target a variety of locations. In a further operation within an hour the suspect was arrested and looks to be responsible for a large amount of these offences. Well done again!

Click the link to contact the police

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