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Thursday, 28 June 2012

What's the Impact of Alcohol in Ealing?

Last night I attended the scrutiny panel meeting which will be discussing alcohol, the problems is causes and how Ealing Council and other bodies can reduce the problems or effects.

At the meeting were officers from Ealing Council covering the areas of health, enforcement and policing. A number of interesting discussions led to following:

  • The Redback pub in Acton which shut a few months ago following years of bad management is due to reopen shortly as the Acton Arms. The Redback we were told had led to a lot of violence in or near the pub. It appears the new owners are being constructive and active in putting in measures to reduce alcohol problems.
  • The Pub Watch scheme which is a way for pubs, the Council and the police to liaise and reduce problems. Pubs that sign up to the scheme tend to have less violence and problems from what we heard. The committee also heard that in Southall very few pubs are signed up to Pub Watch and so they will look at this to see why.
  • We saw there were two main peaks of alcohol related violence (at 4pm and nearer 10pm). I asked whether these were two separate types of people which might require a different approach to solving. I also requested information to show whether the times of alcohol related violence has changed over the past three years.
  • Of the 1000 or so licensed premises in Ealing 48 are a concern for the police. Of those only two are better shops. One is considered RED on the status report which means the Council and the Police take a more active approach to try to ensure that the management play by the rules. 

The meeting ended by discussing a number of "fact findings" visits to gain information about issues such as:

  • A 2am visit to a town centre near you! 
  • Speak to Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Speaking to St Mungos
  • Liaising with street pastors

Do let me know if there are any issues you think the committee should look into...

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