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Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Tory and Labour coalition who are against Lords Reforms

In a recent vote on Lord's reforms we saw a large number of Conservative MPs join the Labour party to stop any real chance of reforming the house of Lords.

In the vote, the MP for Ealing, Central and Acton (Angie Bray) showed that she is not in favour of democracy by voting against Lords Reform. I suppose she thinks it is better for politicians to be chosen by Prime Minister or take their role because their mother or rather passed them the baton. Shame on her.

After the vote she was sacked as the Parliamentary Private Secretary (bag carrier) of Francis Maude. What she doesn't appears to understand is that only if you have a more representative Lords can democracy really have the respect of voters. I feel lucky to have been voted in three times running by the residents of Chiswick and Acton. I see them as my employers.

 The key to a good Lords is one where it is made up of people who are expert in certain areas and are different from those who are in the Commons (MP). This will promote debate and scrutiny. Having more elections would also more ensure that Lords were thinking of the voters when they do their job.

Despite Labour always having a go at the current coalition they forget that this week they made a coalition with the Tories to stop Lords Reform. Shame on Labour and the Conservatives who voted against the reforms.

Liberal Democrats want to see power more devolved instead of being restricted to a small number of rich families which are not representative.

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