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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Review of Theatre Studio West's Romeo and Juliet

I am no Shakespeare expert but when I was asked if I wanted to go to see Romeo and Juliet at Ealing's Questor's Theatre I said yes straight away.

The person who created this production, Julie Saunders, is someone who has oodles of energy and she really is someone who gives it all to making something work. I wasn't disappointed!

Questor's Theatre, Ealing

Just before the show started a number of teachers were checking all the kids, who had been invited, to see they were present and seated. Julie is someone who works with many local groups involving many kids and teens.

She really is someone who puts in so much to those who will follow her as the next generation.

I understood this would be no normal portrayal of Romeo & Juliet. When the lights dropped the music spoke volumes.

The steel drums game away a cultural influence that makes something safe into something that is more dynamic and lively.

The costumes were fantastic; bright, colourful and shone through. The age of the actors and actresses who spoke was as low as early teens to adults and it gave a real "tick in the box" that Ealing has so many good and young artists.

What came across was a different perspective of a story most people have seen or heard about, but the different language use, the youthfulness of the cast and the accents used to add humour to a serious subject, made the night well worth while.

If I was a judge on a TV entertainment panel show then I would give them 9 out of ten!

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