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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Why the London 2012 Olympics is such a great event

When I heard I had gotten a ticket to see the archery at Lords I was well chuffed. In part because I love watching the cricket at Lords and the more obvious reason that I could see some international competition near to where I live.

I had first seen archery when I was at university and didn't try it out then. If I was twenty years younger I would certainly have a go. Not sure my eyes are up for hitting the board never mind the bullseye!

When I got to the ground and got through the airport-like security I sat down. The weather was v nice and I was ready for the first women's team quarter final. The experts in this sport come mainly from Asia and they had four of the 8 spots covered. Sadly Team GB were knocked out earlier in the day.

Then the rain descended and I sort of expected the 'umpires' to stop due to the bad English weather. They didn't and the competitors kept on hitting the board, only missing the 8, 9 or 10 area a few times. With the wind and the rain the performances were amazing.

The rain started and stopped about 100 more times but the nearly full audience didn't care. As the competition got the semi's there was quite a lot more tension and a few more mistakes. The Russian Federation at one point rose to the occasion when they won a tie break situation. But Korea won the final by a single point.

As the medal ceremony started it was a wonderful moment. I had no direct connection with any of the medallists or their countries but I felt proud for them as they really gave it all. The picture below shows what a wonderful place Lords was converted into for the archery. An amazing day and hopefully the Olympics will bring people together from different countries as they each respect each countries abilities in different sports.
Korea, in white, cheering, with their gold metals.


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