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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wow - Ealing's Olympic Torch Event Was Fantastic

Tonight in Walpole Park for the lighting of the torch was an amazing end to the day. It appeared that there was more than 8000 people in the main area on Walpole Park. With a large number also watching the large screens it reminded me of a music festival Sunday.

When Tom Thacker ran through the park many nearly missed the event - he was running pretty quick - and then he lit the torch to end a great day where many families had so much fun in Walpole Park as well as the many thousands of residents who lined Ealing's streets.

The hot weather made the day perfect. A real moment to treasure. Myself and some friends got a photo with a fake Olympic Torch (we can pretend we held the real one!). A friend's son had his photo taken and so I hope for them and the many other kids that the day will be remembered. Lots of fun, music, food and other entertainment.

A well done to those who organised the event.

Some of the many thousands of park visitors

Some of the musical entertainment

Me trying to smile despite the sun in my eyes!

Tom Thacker Lighting the Torch

After Tom had lit the Torch

Me with a torch (not the real one sadly)

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