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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Brent Lodge Bunny Park - and the Husky

With having the extra day of work I went to the Bunny Park on Monday afternoon.

Despite the paths being muddy after the rain on Sunday we got there without slipping and falling over. Touch wood!

Was good to see a few animals and birds that you don't see in many parks. The kids who were there certainly liked the rabbits and the ice cream in the cafe. It was funny at one point where the peacock came over to see us, and what ever we did the nearby goat would not turn its head. It seemed totally shy from looking at people. If you see it from the front - well done!

While in the cafe we saw a teenager with what looked like a cute dog (in a basket though!) and it moved. My friend asked what is was. The father said it was a husky. It did look a bit small I thought. However when the girl lifted up the husky and turned it over it was obvious it was a toy that breathed. A funny joke. My mate was a bit embarrassed. 

If you are free then why not drop by (it is free). Here is a useful link for you:

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